lauantai 24. marraskuuta 2012

Specialist consultation

We met yesterday hospital doctor with the specialist of child neurology. He look the papers and talk with my son and the parents. As he can see it, there is a weak evidence of asperger at this point. He cannot see strong rituals in my son behavior. We explained his eating rituals and putting food items carefully on the plate and rituals of washing and brushing teeth.
Those in themselves are rituals which should count.

Specialist saw, that my son was somehow "hard to express him self" and difficulty of communicating at he moment of interview. He belived some new medicine could be useful - but he was not sure. Anyhow after reading the reports he was wondering why neuropsycology tests were refused by the hospital doctor. He said, that he would recommend new tests and also recommended alteration of nursing practice and the treatment of my son. Let us see what will happen.

To be honest, it is hard to see how a medication of any sort could help with communication. I was on a medication to "help with concentration"; that same medicine was known at the time to destroy concentration. Medicines do not help people to communicate. The specialist of child neurology should know that!
However, he is right in the issue of the hospital doctor and the tests. I personally think she's a bitch. Good that he's recommending the tests and the alterations. Anyhow at the moment we have little hope to get my son out of hospital. Now the hospital staff and doctor is pressing on us more than before. We must obey minute rules forced on us. They complaned, because we did not take my son on sunday back to hospital even we had a good reason - dental treatment on Monday morning, which we told them (on friday to the doctor and saturday to the nurse when we picked child for one night leave).
If my son has a dental appointment that interferes with their demands, E's health comes first, and the hospital doctor of all people should know this.
Their opinion was, we should postpone the dental treatment. It is not as important as not braking rules imposed on us. How they can rule dental treatment is less important? More important for them is that my son sleeps in hospital that night an not in his own bed at home. Purpose of hospital treatment is not to make child and parents sick and depend on hospital but make people healthy, free and independent.
On last thursday visiting hour they complained, when I said I will go for swimming with my son. I should told them beforehand. They are watching our every step - now we have to know which parent is coming for visit. Only one parent is allowed only once week. Both parents are not allowed together to see their child. They are clearly trying  to put parent against each others.
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